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ProDongle increases the efficiency of your sales reps by reducing driving times and increasing the number of customer visits. The automatic trip registration simplifies their sales administration and creates more time for effective sales. Through effective monitoring and control, you prevent disruptive and unproductive abuse.

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Control of sales representatives

Representatives who are on the road for you enjoy a lot of freedom. It is not always easy to check whether they are working effectively. By checking the time spent by representatives on a regular basis, you can be sure that your customers are actually being visited and avoid abuse such as:

  • Unlawful absenteeism or fraud in working time
  • Working for own account or a competing company
  • Failing to keep agreements
  • Fraud with mileage allowance
  • Fill in performance sheets incorrectly

Simplify the administration of your sales department

A commercial field service costs a lot of money. Now that more and more sales are done remotely, sales representatives have to realise their added value and work efficiently. Merely taking orders is no longer a profitable task for them.

  • Locate your commercial vehicles in real time
  • Reports show in detail the daily schedule of your representatives
  • Sales manager receives daily or weekly email with performance report and short reports of visits
  • Keep representatives out of the zone of colleagues through the concentration report
  • Keep track of the number of private and work mileage through the usage report
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Simplify your salesperson's administration

Representatives want to sell and dislike writing reports. Let them do what they do best and automate their administration:

  • Representatives receive daily or weekly email with performance report
  • Automatic allocation of trips to customers and prospects based on location
  • Representative records report of visit via smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Self-employed representatives receive report with hours worked and kilometres driven per client

Reduce fleet costs

  • Reduce consumption, maintenance and wear costs through improved driving behaviour
  • Prevent excessive private use by automatic recognition of work and private trips
  • Proactively plan maintenance and periodic inspections
  • Keep track of all technical, financial and insurance data of the fleet

Tailor-made privacy

  • Your company policy determines when a vehicle is visible or invisible
  • Ability to make private trips invisible reduces resistance
  • Data is kept between 1 and 36 months
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